Year: 2017


4th October 2017

How semi-autonomous vehicle systems are shaping fleet management strategies

During the week in which Trak Labs’ home city of Manchester hosted the Conservative Party Conference 2017 and Appy Fleet once again proudly attended Fleet Management Live at the NEC, news emerged that Jaguar Land Rover’s CEO used the firm’s Tech Fest to stress the vital need for the government to unshackle the feasibly rapid… Read more


15th November 2017

Tangible and imminent mobility benefits evident in the technology revealed at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show

The 45th Tokyo Motor Show inevitably still saw a healthy lineup of the usual adrenaline-pumping supercars, sports cars, grand tourers and wacky concepts showcased, from the ultra-sleek Mazda Vision Coupe1 and throaty Subaru Viziv Performance concept2 to Suzuki’s e-Survivor3 SUV concept and Mitsubishi Electric’s Emirai 4†. As a telematics and insurance solutions group, though, what primarily piques our interest… Read more


23rd November 2017

How fintech is shaking up banking and making life easier for consumers, businesses and specific groups throughout the world

Just as there are plenty of game-changing developments continuously happening in the automotive and insurance sectors helped by technology such as smartphones, sensors and radars combined with vast amounts of data, disruptive financial technology or ‘fintech’ is equally seeing tremendous strides being made. Banks and other financial organisations are increasingly viewing fintech pioneers less as… Read more


23rd November 2017

Trak Global urges credit hire companies to embrace telematics or be left behind

Telematics offers credit hire companies (CHCs) a growing number of efficiency and risk management options, according to Nick Street, insurance solutions and claims manager at Trak Global Group, the UK’s number one telematics technology company. Nick was guest speaker at the Credit Hire Organisation (CHO) annual conference near Coventry, on 8 November. He briefed delegates… Read more


20th November 2017

Trak Global partners with Giftcloud to reward good drivers

Trak Global Group (TGG), the UK’s number one telematics technology company, has signed a new partnership with leading digital rewards platform Giftcloud for its young driver brand Carrot, enabling the brand to offer their customers an unrivalled choice of rewards. Carrot MD Ed Rochfort said customers for their New Driver and Better Driver products will… Read more


9th November 2017

How Manchester is being shaped into a smart city with a connected transport system and cleaner air in sight

‘I don’t want Greater Manchester to be just a smart city – I want it to be the smartest city’, new mayor Andy Burnham declared soon after taking office in the spring1. We take a look at the latest ‘smart’ moves in the city that our Trak Labs division is delighted to call home. Principal… Read more


29th October 2017

Scotland performs strongly as addressing regional PHEV charging disparities remains a key aim for 2018 and beyond

With significant focus increasingly being placed on reducing emissions and boosting public health in the capital and a passionate Mayor at the helm, it’s unsurprising that London tops Zap-Map’s latest charging connector figures published this month, with a smidgen short of 3,000 charging points throughout the city equating to a 21.8% share of the UK… Read more


12th October 2017

Motorists, mental health and the automotive industry’s own charity

World Mental Health Day is recognised annually on October 10th and was this year given the theme ‘Mental health in the workplace’. With 281,000 licensed taxi and private hire vehicles2 operating on UK roads alongside millions of both employed and self-employed ‘gig economy’ couriers plus company car and van drivers, the workplace for many people… Read more


26th October 2017

Appy Fleet to donate up to £10K to charity with its safe driving Perfect 10 Challenge

Appy Fleet, part of Trak Global Group (TGG), is teaming up with charities Brake and UK Youth during this year’s Road Safety Week (20-26 November) to promote safe driving for fleet employees on the UK’s roads. Andrew Brown-Allan, who runs Appy Fleet, a safer driving app which uses telematics to score driving behaviour, said that… Read more


19th October 2017

MINI signs up Trak Global Group for insurance adventure

New MINI One customers will be offered a year’s inclusive insurance in a new deal signed with Trak Global Group. The UK’s largest telematics technology company has begun a new ‘proof of concept’ arrangement with BMW Financial Services (GB) Limited, starting in October 2017. According to Ed Rochfort, who heads up Trak Global’s Insurance broking… Read more