Year: 2017


23rd September 2017

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show roundup – Part 2: Future fleet favourites

In the first instalment of our roundup of the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 or Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) as it’s formally known, we looked at exciting announcements and unveilings in the technology, mechanical and mobility arenas. This time, we run through the highlights when it comes to vehicles, from the perspective of fleets and models that… Read more


17th September 2017

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show roundup – Part 1: technological and mechanical news

Officially called the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung or IAA, the annual motor show in Frankfurt is the largest in the world and is of course on the home turf of perennial company car favourites Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Wondrous designs and scintillating technology announcements are guaranteed. Here’s the first instalment of our roundup of this year’s major… Read more


15th September 2017

Trak Global joins the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 for the second time

Trak Global Group (TGG) is in the Sunday Times Tech Track for the second year running. The Crewe-based telematics technology company is at 61 in the table. Now in its 17th year, the Tech Track ranks Britain’s private technology, media and telecoms companies with the fastest-growing sales. The Group restructured earlier this year when sister company Carrot,… Read more


12th September 2017

Forecasting realistic fuel consumption and spend should now be more achievable for fleets and motorists following the introduction of new European tests

Attempting to achieve an average combined miles per gallon or ‘MPG’ figure closely resembling the one published by a car’s manufacturer has historically felt like a tall order that actually seems impossible for certain makes and models. With economy an important influencing factor for many motorists these days, plenty are left irked by the seemingly… Read more


7th September 2017

BMW and Mazda reveal quite different mobility and sustainability visions

With governments and vehicle manufacturers under considerable public pressure to improve air quality throughout the world, mitigate current sentiments surrounding diesel and to promote greener and more universally accessible mobility solutions, it’s fascinating to see what announcements are made on a regular basis. Sustainability and dynamics are harmonious BMW’s Chairman Harald Krüger1 is keen to… Read more


5th September 2017

The new month kicks off with a brace of tech announcements aimed at boosting motoring convenience

Many of us live increasingly busy lives nowadays, whether it’s dashing from home to the gym, to work and then out to a night class as a youngish driver, or collecting the grandkids and then zipping around tackling a seemingly never-ending list of errands as a supposedly leisured retiree. With traffic jams and diversions further… Read more


1st September 2017

Trak Global technologies help police swiftly recover a stolen prestige vehicle

Until more recent times it wouldn’t be uncommon for a car owner to be unaware of the exact time at which their vehicle was stolen if the theft occurred during the night. Much head-scratching would typically ensue, the driver plus any other occupants or neighbours trying to recall if they heard anything and subconsciously remember… Read more


24th August 2017

The latest car safety technologies being made legally mandatory would be a hugely positive step forward

With the trickle-down effect from Formula One, growing pressure from diverse voices, public expectation and indeed regulatory law, vehicles are thankfully continuously being made safer, protecting road users and pedestrians alike. Over 1,700 people were killed in British road collisions in 2015 and we wholeheartedly agree with Volvo’s Vision 20201 and Continental’s Vision Zero2 strategies,… Read more


21st August 2017

Trak Global CEO nominated for Tech Champion of the Year Award

Nick Corrie, CEO of TGG, has been shortlisted in the Insurance Times Tech Champion of the Year Award. The winner is determined by a vote within the insurance industry and will be announced at the Insurance Times Tech and Innovation Awards in London in 14 September. Nick, who founded the business with colleagues Alan Cottrill… Read more


15th August 2017

Trak Global welcomes motorway learners and urges government to do more for young drivers

Trak Global Group, the UK’s leading telematics technology company, has welcomed the government’s announcement that learner drivers will be allowed to drive on motorways from 2018. Andrew Brown-Allan, Trak Global’s Group Marketing Director, believes drivers would benefit from a broader driver education. “This is a welcome step forward and will encourage young people to build… Read more