Year: 2018


9th April 2018

What’s new in the world of big data? We round up some remarkable developments

Away from recent negative headlines surrounding how a small number of companies may have used the world’s largest social media platform to influence elections, ‘big data’ continues to be harnessed in a wide variety of very positive ways. Big data converted into sound One of the most remarkable latest developments is the sonification of big… Read more


3rd April 2018

How is the new WLTP emissions test already having an impact on fleets?

Over the last few decades, it’s fair to say that very few private and at-work motorists will have seen their vehicles achieve or exceed the ‘MPG’ figures cited in manufacturers’ marketing and other material. Why this traditional disparity between published and real-world MPG and CO2 figures? Putting individuals’ driving styles to one side, a significant… Read more


29th March 2018

Trak Global Group launches Carrot Insurance’s New Driver in Canada

Trak Global Group, the UK’s leading telematics technology company, has launched a Carrot-branded young driver product in Canada. The smartphone app based product “Drive with Carrot”, is being exclusively distributed via InsureMy Inc., a Calgary-based insurance broker, who are a market leader in the management and delivery of data based insurance products (motor insurance is… Read more


20th March 2018

Geneva 2018 – plenty of fuel for thought as manufacturers’ differing takes dilute clarity

In the first part of our Geneva International Motor Show 2018 roundup, we resisted the ridiculously fast hyper cars with predictably sensational price tags and focussed on models that will be making their way onto organisations’ fleets in the near future, along with fleet-focussed technology for today’s connected world, plus a remarkable tyre concept with… Read more


20th March 2018

Geneva 2018 – models and technology of interest to fleet managers and company car drivers

Taking our customary look at the Geneva International Motor Show, widely regarded as the most important each year, what concepts, reveals, announcements and technical developments stood out in 2018 that are of particular interest to fleet managers and company car drivers? In the first part of our Geneva roundup, we look at models and technology… Read more


19th March 2018

The de-fleet process’ changing landscape and what today’s fleet managers need to balance

While contract hire, commonly referred to as leasing, remains the most widely utilised method for fleet vehicle acquisition, a healthy chunk of organisations still purchase their cars and vans outright. The document ‘UK Fleet Industry Review April 2017’ produced by experteye and the University of Buckingham puts the UK’s latest figures at 53% for contract… Read more


15th March 2018

Reflecting on the latest batch of statistics involving the use of mobile phones while driving

March 2017 saw tougher measures introduced in a bid to more swiftly reduce the dangerous habit of using a mobile phone while driving. Anyone caught since that date technically faces a £200 fine and 6 licence penalty points – double the previous sanctions. Do it a second time and disqualification looms large. How do other… Read more


13th March 2018

Electric cars are very much here and vans are improving, but what about heavy HGVs?

The passenger car sector has made significant strides in overcoming the ‘range anxiety’ that has deterred certain motorists from placing their trust and investing their finances in electric cars, with real-world electric ranges of over 200 miles now commonly being announced. In the world of commercial vehicles, however, even the latest breed of larger electric… Read more


6th March 2018

Trak Global director Andrew Brown-Allan appointed as mentor in Government-backed IoTUK programme

Andrew Brown-Allan, MD of Trak Labs and Director of Trak Global Group, will start mentoring SMEs as part of the IoTUK programme which aims to accelerate the UK’s Internet of Things (IoT) capability. Powered by Digital Catapult and Future Cities Catapult and launched as part of the Government’s £32m investment in IoT, IoTUK is a… Read more


23rd February 2018

Will larger organisations be negatively impacted by imminent new accounting rules that specify the inclusion of contract hire vehicles on balance sheets?

Sir David Tweedie will be happy. As former chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), he’s famous in accountancy circles for having said: “One of my great ambitions before I die is to fly in an aircraft that is on an airline’s balance sheet”. This daydream wish of his has become reality following the… Read more